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    just get to me


    forever and ever.

    Its true

    I've always thought this... I dated so many guys before meeting my hubby... He is who I will spend the rest of my life with

    My dear love, YOU do, you really do!!! All I want is YOU..YOU YOU..Now and forever more sweetheart!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

    very true


    Damn right

    Something to live by ♥

    Replace "me" with the words "MOPS" for our bulletin board? A Beautiful Mess - isn't it always like this? idk about you guys but my life seldom works in straight lines.

    Life is about to creating yourself not copying others thought so just present your own thoughts , do not copy others style make your own style ...

    INFJ oh my goodness this is so me!

    I think you are the sweetest thing. cute love quote

    So true....

    God loves you more. If more of us, talking to myself here, would truly catch the TRUTH behind this and what it's Really Saying… this world would be a totally different place.


    I think I have pinned this before but it is so true for all the people that I really really love. You know who you are...

    get out of my own way - i am the only thing holding myself back!

    so very happy

    beautifully put..