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Considering my kids eat a TON of strawberries, this would save me a lot of cutting time!

This cool kitchen gadget removes the stems from strawberries! Get it here:

I purchased three gadgets this summer that have been great assets to my kitchen tools. This is one along with the cherry and olive pitter, and the pineapple slicer. I love the Chef’n Strawberry Huller on

This is going on MY Christmas list. (ccv) Shop Chef'n Strawberry Slicester at CHEFS.

Stem Gem™ The fastest, easiest way to stem strawberries!

Shop Chef'n Strawberry Slicester at CHEFS.

Some gorgeous Wexford Strawberries will definitely be making an appearance at my vintage festival styled wedding! :D

120 : she as grateful for all the new gifts and even though there was lots to speculate and mostly all the camp looked up to her for answers, she closed herself in her tree house and ate strawberries while she adorned her hair in flowers and her skin with henna designs

Grrreat Idea for beginners :) A MUST have!!! sold for $17.95 @ A Stainless-Steel Finger Guard at Chefs.