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Notice how he is wearing his ROWW shirt.... What an amazing man. I love you Paul♡ ~Jaelyn♡

Paul Walker...those beautiful blue eyes. He is an amazing actor. But .R.I.P.

Paul Walker...Your hotness shouldn't be legal. Heard he was up for the Christain Grey roll! YESSS PLEASE♥

Paul Walker. RIP beautiful. ♥

In an officescape defined by bland cubicles and by-the-book colleagues, you need to do more than just a good job to get noticed. You need to bring some life to your business wardrobe. Actor Paul Walker shows you how!

Paul walker I miss you. Paul walker. Your. Niece Emily walker I miss you. To Paul. Walker

Paul Walker ❤️that Smile...His death makes me so incredibly sad Rip ❤️Always

Mr. Blue Eyes! R.I.P Paul Walker! You Are Missed Dearly..

Even now after almost a year, (November 30, 2013) it is still hard to believe that your gone. Thanks for the memories Paul!

To me, he was one of the most beautiful human beings on this planet, inside and out. I still can't even believe he's gone...

You can not look at him and say he is not perfect. . . Wow