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Why would you say this? This is so sad! This made me cry! This hurts me. this pin hurts my heart in a horribly sad way. If they do this, they better do it when I'm old too. Just like how Andy and I graduated together!

Frozen texts haha

Random persons comment: I love this! Going to start doing this with my mom…. My comment: I'm way to lazy to send frozen texts to my mom.

...And now that I'm grown I eat five dozen eggs ,so I'm roughly the size of a barge!

"When I was a lad I ate 4 dozen eggs every morning to help me get large. And now that I'm grown I eat 5 dozen eggs and I'm roughly the size of a barge." Nobody does it like Gaston…

Finding Nemo! watch this almost every day with my kids at the daycare and it never gets old

That was so cool! Did you see that? Did you see me? Did you see what I did? Crush: You so totally rock, Squirt! So gimme some fin. [They slap fins] Crush: Noggin'.


Just meeting him the first time she knew how to draw him perfectly<~~ Can we appreciate the older guy for just a minute! Lol I loved him!

Ever Heard Of The Mean Princesses

Ever Heard Of The Mean Princesses?