footprint tractor L O V E!!

Footprint tractor for Pop

Footprint cow crafts for the kids!

Love Handprint and Footprint Canvas Art, Solid Color, Any Color, 12x16" by SnowFlowerArts

foot print penguin

Footprint cute!

Footprint the tractor!!

Kids Footprint Towels for Mother's Day from Creative Green Living at #myperfectmothersday

Crafts for Kids: Salt Dough Footprint Heart | Cute Personalized Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Toddlers by DIY Ready at DIY Ready at

different ideas for the kids hand/footprints

More Hand and Foot Print Art!

This is an amazing website for kid crafts! She has anything you could want painted from handprints/footprints/fingerprints.

Love this idea and am definitely going to use it... Little Ones footprint made into a Tractor... It would make a cute Fathers Day card, or a Little Boys First Birthday Party invitation. might have already pinned this, but had to be sure! so cute

Tractor footprint art.

hand/foot print art

Footprint Bee & Footprint Ladybug Craft, Kids Bumblebee Craft for Spring

a beautiful plate with the baby girl’s footprints making the butterfly wings, and her older brother’s fingerprints making the center of the flowers.

vaderdag en dan zelf een lijstje maken! Super

Handprint & Footprint Platter I made at a "Paint Your Own Pottery" store. (Writing around the edge and on the leaves is porcelain pen- written on the fired plate, then baked on.)

penguin foot

Made from hand prints and foot print. Santa is made from thumb prints.