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I would laugh so hard if I got this

I seriously think this all the time. Are there suppose to be aliens in the pageant too or what??

I want to do this!! Lighten up people, we live in AMERICA!! It could be so much worse, count your blessings.

I'm pretty sure I've pinned this before, but it genuinely makes me get the cry-laughs every time. Every.single.time.

Phteven? Is that you Phteven?? Took me a minute. Then I laughed so hard I peed a little.

The feeling of accomplishment you get when you are notified of all the repins on Pinterest. You are all welcome for my amazing finds. You. Are. Welcome.

AHHHHH HAHAHA!! I just died a little!! BAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Oh man with the friend I would've been like, you gotta be careful, you never know what you might catch!

Do you know how funny this would be though... Katie Schmeltzer Grenier DeWitt

Reminds me of an epic essay my brother's friend wrote in college while on several substances and no sleep for three days .

I am mostly confused as to how the guy who was trying to send a picture to himself got his own number wrong...

Best Dad Ever!!!!!!! more funny pics on facebook: