Reusable "Paper Towels" !! GENIUS!!! They snap together!! ON A ROLL!!!

Cloth Napkins

Ramona Blue ~ Reusable Paper Towels (Unpaper Towels)

Homemade Bowl Covers, reusable. Avoid the plastic wrap!

PRETTY GENIUS...reusable towels that you snap back together once you use and wash them. green, cost effective, pretty.

homemade reusable paper towels. This would be a hit gift for any occasion. Who wouldn't love to have 'em?!

Reusable paper towels-LOVE!

Easy homemade napkins

Reusable paper towels.

Cathy's Concepts Personalized Turkish Cotton Towel | Nordstrom

diy-reusable-kitchen-towels tutorial -- excellent idea to make them hangable on hooks! // ain't NOBODY got time for that!!

I am so stealing this idea!

Simply ingenious idea for making bobbin covers - no more spiderwebs of thread.

Tons of ways to use paper rolls, great project tutorials!

Reusable Lunch Bag tutorial

18 Clever Organizing Tricks and Storage Ideas Use a Paper Towel Holder

bed skirt with velcro

How to make gift bows out of recycled paper (magazines, maps, scrapbook paper scraps etc...)

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