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Walk please?

Amazing shot of an aussie/border collie in the swirling snow.

omg, so cute

Whippet. Eee! I love sight hounds.


"You were expecting , uh, poodles?'

Christmas whippet by asandvik, via Flickr What beautiful eyes!

~ Whippet ~

line drawing - Paris

bad hair day Hamish ... !

Erte - WikiPaintings.org

Image of Great Dane PRINT

CH Seegmillers Proud Mary the one and only!

Whippet No. 2 - Art Print 8.5x11" - etsy site for greeting cards!



The Amazing Skidboot (Texas Country Reporter) - heartfelt video about the friendship between a cowboy and a dog

70 lovely and wonderful pet photographys

70 lovely and wonderful pet photographs

Quote from Frau Stockmann's book "My Life with Boxers".."The Boxer, however, is a gentleman amongst dogs with short coats. He not only wants the best food, he wants to be handled in a civilized manner too. He can easily be upset by his master & this is called being leader-sensitive. He cannot stand a hard hand or injustice. It is true that every one has a personality of its own. His real job is to be a house & family dog and to be a friend to the children."

Mark Barone, Co-Founder of An Act of Dog, honors the needlessly killed shelter dog, Oreo, and paints her on an 8x8ft canvas, for all the world to see. Her story will outrage you, change you, and move you to join us in our quest to save the rest.

Cheyenne Painting - Cheyenne Fine Art Print pinned By Barkingstud.com

Deutscher, beautiful boxer dog, classic boxer expression!!!

Elder dogs are their own special kinda love.

Happy pup cooling off in Texas in the summertime!