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    Solar eclipse seen from space

    "Total Solar Eclipse"

    total solar eclipse

    Solar Flare Sparks Biggest Eruption Ever Seen on Sun. Image courtesy SDO/NASA

    Image from NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory

    Eruption on the Sun :Every 10 second the atmospheric imaging assembly (AIA) of NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory takes hi res photos of the cun's corona. This photo was taken on 3/10/10.

    Tonight's finale, the Moon at sunrise, with ethereal blue noctilucent clouds and a solar array glowing gold.

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    A giant solar prominence erupts from the sun on Nov. 16, in this image captured by NASA's sun-watching Solar Dynamics Observatory. The solar eruption was not aimed at Earth.

    The sun: a solar flare

    Earth and the Moon.

    Jade Iceberg by ducan777: Penguins cling to the summit of a capsized jade iceberg adrift in the Southern Ocean of the Australian Antarctic Territory #Anarctica #Jade_Iceberg


    lunar / dan matutina

    Voyager 1, which has been travelling at the rate of 10km/sec to the outer limits of the solar system since 1977, is now detecting the first traces of 'interstellar winds' (colder and slower than solar winds) - the signs it is finally reaching the edges of solar system. It is now 17,970,000,000km - or 11,100,000,000miles away. by Eddie Wrenn, #Space #Voyager_1 #Solar_System #Eddie_Wrenn #dailymail_co_uk

    Oceans: Our Living Resource [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Icelandic solar storm.

    Stormy Seas.

    Stunning Image: Blue Marble 2012 - Arctic View