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Banjica concentration camp

Women's barricks


This photo inside the ghetto of a dying child was taken illegally by Wehrmacht Sergeant Heinz Joest on Sept. 19, 1941. He spent his 43rd birthday illegally inside the ghetto taking pictures. A documentary about his day was made in 1991 titled "A Day in the Warsaw Ghetto: A Birthday Trip in Hell."

April 28, 1945 - Female SS guards being forced to bury the bodies of concentration camp victims at the Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp in Germany.

Jewish prisoners in Buchenwald concentration camp, after the liberation of the camp in 1945.

The Forgotten Victims: The Gypsies of Europe were registered, sterilized, ghettoized, and then deported to concentration and death camps by the Nazis. Approximately 250,000 to 500,000 Gypsies were murdered during the Holocaust - an event they call the Porajmos (the "Devouring")

1945 - The liberation of Dachau

The Holocaust The Holocaust (with a capital H) refers to the genocide (mass murder) of about six million Jews by the Nazis in 1941-1945 (during World War 2).

A German boy walks down a dirt road flanked by rows of victims of German extermination practices at Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, 20 May 1945.

By the end of the World War II, the Nazis had taken the lives of six million Jews, over one million of them children and teen aged youths.

This photo provided by Paris' Holocaust Memorial shows a German soldier shooting a Ukrainian Jew during a mass execution in Vinnitsa, Ukraine, sometime between 1941 and 1943.

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Rudolf Höss attempting to avoid the noose at Auschwitz.

THE LIBERATION OF BERGEN-BELSEN CONCENTRATION CAMP, MAY 1945. Women and children bathing in the bath-house before being given clean clothes.

American Civil War concentration camp victim

Liberated inmates inside the Mauthausen barracks. How much longer they survived is unknown.

The Face of Genocide In April 1945, Canadians accompanying British forces in Germany entered the Nazi concentration camp at Bergen-Belsen. Sickened and horrified by the atrocities they witnessed, these Canadians made a visual record on film and on paper of the war's tragic victims. Note the writing on the back of this photo, which reads: "May we never forget and never let it happen again".

A freed prisoner beating a German camp guard at the liberated Dachau Concentration Camp in 1945.

Last photo of Adolf Hitler.

Inmates, Buchenwald Concentration Camp.