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Japanese Shiba dog - all this time my dog speaks Japanese!? - Hudson!

At least I know my brother in law will like my dog...

Shiba Inu~~Wonderful dog. Very loyal to one person.

  • Kayla Byers

    Do you treat your granddoggie like a grandkid? Because my mom does to her grandkitties. Now theyre fat thanks to the extra treats and food haha

  • Emmy Toro

    Lol, no! I just called it my granddoggie for the first time ever. She's a pet not a child.

  • Kayla Byers

    Obviously... didnt mean to offend.

  • Emmy Toro

    Oh! No offense taken, really. :)

  • Andrea Lobaugh

    He looks pissed.

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SHIBA-INU.Mine was a rescue dog, strange for an expensive breed. He'd been living in the river valley, eating the wildlife, and was FAT when I got him. He lost the weight, but not his hunting skills. He was very dominant with other dogs, having to be kept away from strangers lest he try and kill them.He was dangerous, but not to his family. He once took out a Black Lab that was trying to eat my other dog (a Border Shelty cross). I miss him, and think of him almost every day.

Beige, this is a shiba inu puppy. Doesn't it look like Suze? Maybe I could start a section on Louder and Funnier called 'things that look like suze'.

I have much to teach you, grasshopper!

Shiba Inu... Must Have! This is my "someday" pet of choice!