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These are some facts that J.K.Rowling let slip in numerous interviews. Facts that tell us what all happened nineteen years later… ~ Azkaban no longer uses Dementors as guardians. ~George Weasley married Angelina Johnson and had 2 children named Fred and Roxanne. ~Harry made sure that the Wizarding world knew that Snape was a hero and on Dumbledore’s side. ~Slytherin House became more diluted and was no longer solely pureblood; however its dark reputation lingers. ~Harry lost…

"So. Stinking. Cute. Let's all take a moment to marvel at the cuteness that is Rupert Grint in the last frame..." haha love this quote from previous pinner!

"I hate when people say that George was the saddest when Fred died. Of course he was one of the saddest. The whole family was devastated, even Harry, Hermione, and McGonagall, who had grown rather fond of the twins. But can you imagine Molly? She’d just lost one of her sons, one of her baby boys. It’d be worse than losing your brother, or brothers (as Molly had to do). Molly had given birth to this boy, raised this boy, fed this boy, educated this boy, provided for this boy, protected this…


Are You Harry Potter?

Emma Watson to 5 year old boy: "Excuse me are you Harry Potter? That’s great because I’m Hermione Granger and we’re the best of friends."

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Harry Potter facts revealed (infographic)

Harry Potter facts revealed [infographic]

Harry Potter Characters as Disney ones

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What Job Would You Have in The Harry Potter World?

What might have happened if you had actually received your Hogwarts letter?

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Vintage Hogwart's Pennant Collection Art Print by Andy Pitts

Vintage Hogwarts Pennant Collection. Should get these made for the girls' room.