exactly. at what age and after how many children will I actually feel like an adult? I am 36 this year!


haha! (but true too!)

19 times Instagram told the whole truth and nothing but the truth - Sugarscape.com

So true!

At the end of the day you sometimes think: | 33 Signs That Your Coffee Addiction Is Too Real... Yup, my life.

What MEN SECRETLY want but won't tell you.. CLICK TO FIND OUT. This is so true! I never thought of this.

Untitled (Let's make better mistakes tomorrow)

Soooo true


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At least 10 times a day!! (and several at night when my family is all asleep!!!)

The only way I make friends

So true.

lol true- This made me laugh prety loudly


....this quote. It's SO true!

sayings i like