35PHOTO - David Galstyan - this reminds me of seeing a play of 'Fiddler on the Roof' when I was about 3 or 4, they did the ghost scene with people standing on others shoulders, draped with a very long shroud, I was petrified and had to be removed!!!

By David Galstyan #creative

great capture of a frozen statue by photographer Miika Järvinen

Photography - "Woman in Blue" from the series Climate Refugees by Photographer Laurent Weyl from http://rollrecredisc.tumblr.com/page/2

Elena Vizerskaya Photography

Untitled... David Galstyan

photo by julia hetta

"The Fisherman" - ©Nathan Wirth, 2011

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Photo Manipulation .

Surreal Photographs by Kevin Dowd.

Stephen Shortridge: "Before Dawn"

Forget this show; the main actress has gone missing. His excessive prying made her padlock her alcove.

Focus #photography #xray #radiography

Claire Rosen Inserts Herself Into Dark Version Of Classic Fairy Tales: Inspiration for BEAUTY AND THE HIGHLAND BEAST by Lecia Cornwall, June 2016

SEE MORE IMAGES: http://bit.ly/ZiE0nr Photographer: Zerr Photography Wardrobe/Makeup/Model: Miss Mothh

the surreal places and times that I think about when I write

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Sanga village in Ketou, Benin by David Paul Carr