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Old Makeup

No one cares if youre "too pretty" for makeup.

very true

"Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful." - Sophia Loren #black & #white #beauty

Think about it, ladies. https://www.youniqueproducts.com/carmina

May the wings of your eyeliner always be even | #makeupquote

"I love the confidence that makeup gives me" - Tyra Banks

I wear make up for MYSELF. Because I like it.

When does makeup expire? Here is a makeup guideline from Barbie's Beauty Bits. It's a must pin and read! #makeuptips, #bbloggers

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How to wear makeup with glasses. #makeup #tips This way you can study AND flirt with guys at the library

Makeup quote

Allow yourself that extra 20 - 30 minutes to get ready in the morning and allow yourself to focus on you for that time. Well speak, Kat Von D.

Wise words from François.

lipstick cant solve all problems, but its a pretty great start // #quotes. SERIOUSLY. Fix your hair put on something cute (simple, all black- leggings a dress with boots and a pretty neckless if you need to be comfy), do your makeup put some lipstick on AND I promise you, Youll want to take on the world! aka LOVE YOURSELF a little more and youll be ready to take on anything

A selection of the most simple approaches to the most striking make-up you can hope to achieve. Suitable for beginners, pros, or anyone looking to learn the secrets of great make-up quickly.

Inspirational Quotes : Beauty in the imperfect...

!!! The Secret of Happiness !!! Money can't buy happiness. But it can buy makeup! (เงินซื้อความสุขไม่ได้ แต่ใช้ซื้อเครื่องสำอางค์ได้!!!)

on a bad day, there is always lipstick