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That's exactly what the fandom hopes!! (Please! PLEAAAAASE!!!) Juzo Sakakura//danganronpa 3 future arc ep 11

tanosan96: “ ZeroFalls!Bill and FightFalls!Dip probably the only BillDip I won’t turn into angst I hope Anyway, just some boyfriend fluffy thing before class~ ” MY FACE’S LIKE:

Blue Exorcist || Earth King Amaimon appears to be calm and collected, but holds his power in a very high regard, very brash and, overall, quite carefree. Amaimon is highly arrogant. This character was really interesting. He was the bad guy, but he was a really interesting bad guy <3

Rin vs. Anamaion! I don't get how he turned into a hamster after he was defeated XD But hey... don't some people say we come back as animals?