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Sleeping are the kisses inside the mouth client: NakedButSafe Magazine source: Emilio Tini - Photographer Manos Samartzis - Fashion Editor/Stylist Alessandro Rebecchi - Hair Stylist Michiko Ikeda - Makeup Artist Valeriane Le Moi - Model

An African & Multicultural Fashion Editorial Mag that recognizes/expores the diversity & complexities of the Human Race/Diaspora and their unique cultural breath (style) via Imagery, Fashion Spreads, Interviews & Articles.

Share: I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new Karen Walker Spring eye wear 2013 ad campaign! Ms Walker collaborated with Ari Seth Cohen of Advanced style and her glasses have never looked SO BEAUTIFUL!  Like her previous ad campaigns, they always … Continued

Mutterings from Paris by America. S l e e k F l e e k F a s h i o n B r a c e s Cin Sity Art. Is. Ficial. A R T AND A R T I S T S AND T H I N G S.Third-culture kid. Turn around the button down. VanGoghtheRogue ... Undefined human. British Rogue.

MERMAID Turquoise Hair Chalk Set of 6

love the lines here. Not sure that I'm ballsy enough for that shave, but hey, it looks great on her!

smokey - look, i have a fondness for photos of mad looking girls with big hair and stupid amounts of eyeliner :-) also, I love Marie Antoinetee, and this looks like her after a rilly big night out...