Irish Car Bomb Jello Shots. I want to try these!!!

Irish Car Bomb Jello Shot

Irish Car Bomb jello shots

Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes for St Patrick's day

Irish Car Bomb Brownies

Lori Ann's Food & Fam: Fireball Whiskey Jello Shots "The Marketplace for Adults with Taste!" @LiquorListcom


Jello shots!

Freeze coffee as ice cubes and serve with Baileys...brilliant!

These mini cubes come in counts of 40 that are each 3" tall and 2" wide. They are perfect for creating chic hors d'oeuvres, desserts, jello shots and more. Each cube is clear and is made out of quality plastic.

These are great for a party to go along with Jello Shots! See our Jell-O shot guide for tips on making those!

new summer drink :)

'Kin sweet Jello Shots! #booze #shots #alcohol #drinks PappaPeanut

Irish Jello

Caramel Apple Jello Shots [With Real Apples] by ThatsSoMichelleO, via Flickr

St. Patricks Day

King Cake shots

Pudding Shots ~ 1 small box of INSTANT Chocolate Pudding, 3/4 C Milk (skim works fine), 1/4 C Vodka, 1/2 C Bailey's Irish Cream, 8 oz Extra Creamy Cool Whip

Wear something festive like some St. Patrick's Day Socks!

Mudslide Jello Shots - Definetely trying this one