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Drawing showing the layers of rocks, charcoal, and soil in the terrarium, along with plants, and a small garden gnome.

Moritz Fine Designsfrom Moritz Fine Designs

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living room on coffee table / Haworthia (Zebra Plant) | Light: Partial to bright | Care: Water every 3-4 weeks


Weekend Project Alert: 20 DIY Terrariums to Inspire You

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Make your own terrarium with this DIY.

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PHOTOS: There's A Shortcut To This Stunning Terrarium

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Terrarium, Vases and Two Other DIY Ideas.....

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Crafts Unleashed: DIY Craft Ideas, Fun Crafts & Morefrom Crafts Unleashed: DIY Craft Ideas, Fun Crafts & More

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Succulents are definitely a happening trend right now. Here's some help sorting them out!

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How to make a terrarium: Create a mini garden in a glass bowl- it's the ultimate small garden!

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For my succulent addiction. Wood Base Terrariums. Perfect if your house is tight on space or a cute eco-friendly wedding favor

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#DIY bug-repelling #citronella #candles

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Terrarium. LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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5 Inspiring (& Easy!) DIY Indoor Gardens

Chicago 2013

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I've been thinking about doing this with giant pretzel containers. Maybe with thyme, sage and rosemary? Maybe with some of my indoor plants? Lava rock, charcoal, decorative sands then potting soil. Very pretty pictures at the website and more details. How to create your very own terrarium

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Aloe polyphylla-SPIRAL ALOE

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Mini Wine Cork Planters for Succulents. Carefully shell out the middle of a cork using a pointy knife. Loosely place a little soil mixture for succulent plants then add one tiny succulent per cork planter. Corks do not decompose quickly so you can safely water your plants as necessary.

Refinery29from Refinery29

5 Inspiring (& Easy!) DIY Indoor Gardens

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The fun DIY you can do with friends!

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so simple


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DIY succulent planter, that you can't kill!

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DIY How to make a desktop terrarium



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Cute quick patio decor, love it



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this is pretty neat