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Norihiko Terayama's Awaglass is an hourglass filled with soapy water - the magic happens when you shake it a little.

Jasmine Aroma Diffuser | transforms water blended with essential oil into an extra fine mist.

ice balloon sculptures

Mario underwater world

How 3D Printing can make visualizing a geometrical proof so much easier. One of Archimedes' proofs showed that a sphere that fits exactly inside a cylinder fills two thirds of its volume. Elizabeth Slavkovsky and Oliver Knill of Harvard University printed a hollow hemisphere supported above a cylinder which contains a cone that takes up one third of the cylinder's volume. Fill the hemisphere with water and it drains into the cylinder, filling it exactly to the brim. #Math #3D_Printing

To remove old paint from hardware easily.

The Pocket Grappling Hook

Rinser Toothbrush with built-in water fountain. Ingenious. #gadgets #technology

Lovely lumieres

Awesome Workout Bottle!


aQuatica faucet inspired by sea creatures.

glowing fairy/magic jars

Water on Window

magic portable iphone charger keychain. this is going to the bf as part of a christmas gift. nobody tell him.

Color Copier - BurnRed

Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius - 25 Pics

Handcrafted Jelly Bean Machine by stumppondtoy: Great for jelly beans, M's Skittles etc. ! #Jelly_Bean_Machine #stumppondtoy

50 Fabulous Mother’s Day Gifts You Can Make For Under $20

beaded birds by @Geninne D Zlatkis