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  • Lauren Kuykendall

    baby turtles headed to the ocean. new life.

  • Eleanor Cullen

    Baby turtles. Ocean. Life. Breathtaking. I keep chanting, "hatch, hatch" at the turtle nest on our resort beach here in Cabo. They will probably dig out after we leave.

  • Mandy Frazier

    baby sea turtles - they made it to the SEA! Edisto Island, S.C.,where visitors can participate in the annual "baby watch,"stay up at the full moon, & when the eggs hatch, watch them toodle off to the sea, and if 1 should get turned around, come out & gently turn them back towards the ocean. Sweet! I HAVE TO DO THIS, ON MY BUCKET LIST!! I'll be the one with 2 umbrellas over as many turtles as possible fending off Sea Gulls, that walk to the ocean is the hardest thing they will have to do ever!

  • Nicole stanford

    when baby turtles hatch out of their eggs hardly any baby turtles make it to the ocean. to prove it just watch animal planet!!!

  • Crystal Taylor

    Baby turtles. Ocean. Life. Breathtaking. I want to see baby sea turtles emerge from the sand and run to the ocean!!!

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