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Ultimate Guide to Grilling: 466 Flame-Broiled Favorites! (Paperback)

Its here! Taste of Homes biggest, most complete barbecue book yet! Taste of Home Ultimate Guide to Grilling is the one cookbook every backyard barbecue fan will want this year. Loaded with 465 grilled


Fasching in München

Wow! Fasching (Carnival) in Munich #eyeballs #seeintothefuture Follow us on FaceBook!

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Grilled Baked Potatoes | "GREAT!!! This is the best with your grilled meats in the summer."

A kid living in Ohio (or somewhere else) finds a crashed UFO. S/he gains the powers to shape shift, elasticity, and duplicate themselves after the radiation from the UFO (or the aliens blood) changed their body. Government agents go to the crash site and search for the kid, who has alien tech and fights evil.