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  • Brooke Uporsky

    9 introduced me to the doctor, 10 made me fall in love with the doctor and 11 became my best friend

  • Bambi

    Actually I love Eleven! I also love Nine. Nine made me fall in love with The Doctor all over again. Ten made me love it more. Eleven has only made my love grow. I love The Doctor no matter his face. The story, the companions, the bravery, the love, and the heart break. Each regeneration breaks my heart and gives me hope for what comes next. You don't just love an actor that plays The Doctor, you love Doctor Who.

  • Bashaba Robin

    Matt Smith brings his own to The Doctor but ... yeah, David Tennant :)

  • Bambi Wolfe

    So true! (Love all the doctors!!)

  • Caleigh Graves

    So true! #DoctorWho

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I want more male companions turning into badass characters for the next season!

"I totally ship Clara and the Doctor!" [angry TARDIS sounds] <--- pinning for that comment

Because it doesn't need a powersource, it just needs to be wound up, and then it's self-sustaining until it winds back down again. That's freaking terrifying. Plus, clockwork is cool.

Doctor Who iPhone 5 Wallpaper - Imgur

I watched a part of a doctor who episode with David Tennant as the doctor Omg so good I wish I ha netflicks or something

Lol, I would just eat all your food throw a TARDIS party, try on all your clothes, redecorate, complain about rose flirting with you, teenagers and TARDIS don't go together! haha, I'm crazy today.

I feel like the TARDIS can totally talk but they don't tell Amy and Rory since they'd think it was weird.

MY DAD DOES THIS ALL THE TIME. fingers on lips if the finger is moving you're talking so stop. Shh. Keep the finger on

This was my first episode, and my friend made sure I paid attention to this part, because it explains the show so well.

I like how the Amy Pond one was art nouveau, but the Doctor's is art deco.