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  • Cari Pickering

    Hard boiled eggs in muffin tins. Clever idea!!! I will have to try this. 👍


    Pinterest critique: Hard Boiled Eggs in the Oven. Ever pin those ideas that you just never get around to trying? This blogger as a whole page of her blog dedicated to testing all of those pins, so you don't have to. Awesome.

  • Jo-Anne Dupont-Horvath

    Hard boiled eggs in the oven. Am going to try this tonight and let you all know how it went. Lots of recipes I see here say to put in 350 degree F oven for 30 min. Depends on how hard you want them I guess.

  • Cynthia Geddis

    Oven Baked Eggs. Interesting idea. Might have to try this to see how it works

  • Hayley Baum

    This is how I do hardboiled eggs now-- I do half/whole carton and kyle and I eat them throughout the week-- for breakfast, post-workouts, on top of salads, or egg-salad sandwiches, etc. I'd go for 30ish min though... Hard boiled eggs in muffin tins with oven

  • Theresa Lindstrom

    Hard boiled eggs in oven. Place into an ice water bath shortly after pulling out of the oven. Let eggs cool completely before peeling.*****I just tried this today and it worked awesome! Dying Easter eggs with the kiddos!

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