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  • Katie Nicole

    Would You Like Some Ice Cream, Ernie? bahaha sesame street humor

  • Courtney Child

    Say, Ernie, would you like some ice cream? Sherbert. (This is totally my humor)

  • Jade Martinez

    Say, Ernie, would you like some ice cream? #sesamestreet #lol

  • Evon Osburn

    this is funny stuff

  • Dandy Don's Ice Cream

    Sesame Street Joke: When Bert asked Ernie "Would you like some ice cream?" what did he say? Ernie said "Sure, Bert!" ____________________ 1800-DANDYDONS #DandyDons #IceCream #Catering #Events #EventPlanners

  • Lopa Patel

    Idk why this made me giggle so much haha sherbert!

  • Rachel Pritchard

    Bahaha...I love cheesy jokes.

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