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  • Giselle Cortes

    Family photo idea

  • Emily Brumbelow

    How I Met Your Mother- Favorite show ever! :)

  • Gunn Olympian

    Could be cool for the random pictures of students Justin

  • Caroline

    Fab 5 idea Kinda like this then if it stays in black and white they can have a quote next to the face written in white with a cool font to go with it. Can do a quote about their feelings about our group like "they're the weirdest people I ever met. And I couldn't love them more."

  • Melissa Gerike

    How I Met Your Mother - cast. love the show, but actually really like this idea for displaying family photos

  • Samantha Chadrick

    HIMYM <3 this was. Mine and Ian's favorite thing to watch for hours together when we first started dating! Ill always love this show because of that!

  • Hannah Jacobson

    I know this is for "How i met your Mother"- But this would be a fund Idea for Family Portraits on the wall.

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