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the colour of ginger and strawberry blonde...Because the world will never make sense.

That last comment was what I was thinking. Moonsickness = werewolf?a nd then it made me think of the Buffy ep Phases where everyone finds out Oz is a werewolf and Willow still wants to date him and says, "hey! A couple of days out of the month I'm not so great to be around either!"

This didn't seem funny to me at first but then I kept looking at it and at Jack's expression and then I started laughing and thought, "I have to pin this."

Rock Paper Scissors: The game of MURDER

Yes, people, when you eat there you can eat my family. Bye mom, dad, and everyone else! MMMMWWWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

I have to send this to someone... I don't know who, but I just have to do it

... ambience. It's a confusing word, yes, but usually it's French vs. English spellings... not whatever this person was confused about.

This is quite possibly the most accurate thing ever.