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Just imagining how many time this scene has been reinacted or referenced makes my head spin... but in a good way:)

Lady and the of my favorite Disney's along with The Aristocats and Robin Hood (with Robin as a fox, Little John as a bear and the story teller as a rooster :-). )

Vintage Disney Posters~these would be so cool in your TV area of the basement. Goes with the movie theatre theme

Lady and the Tramp (1955) ~ Walt Disney originally didn't want to include the 'Bella Note' spaghetti-eating scene, now one of the most iconic moments in the whole Disney canon.

Disney poster Lady and The Tramp Poster movie poster

Lady and the Tramp presents the helpless character Lady, who lost her collar and was dog-napped, until Tramp, the male character helped her escape and find her collar.

Lady and the Tramp topiary - Flower and Garden Festival