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Mixed Graphic Design Inspiration | From up North

Graphic design inspiration

Mixed Graphic Design Inspiration - The typography used in this image is very subtle but gives across the correct message. The image behind is very suited to what the type is saying and it holds a strong unity. Simple yet strong.

c2f - typo/graphic posters

INFOTAG 2005 - Poster for the Information Day of the University of Art and Design Lucerne by Cybu Richli (Silo)

Imaginary Cities

Couleurs superposées --- A simple, eye-catching design—This is the stuff that makes me want to get into book design.

Bauhaus Design Poster - Scwhinn Super Baloon tires circa 1930 (Kenneth Crispus)

Just a couple of lines and shapes creating depth and a bike. Bauhaus - Graphic Design 2010 by Kenneth Crispus, via Behance

NYC Baby!

black and white, graphic design, poster, typography - Telling a story about New York City

Printed + folded brochure design - Graphic design inspiration - Print and Packaging - Portfolio inspiration

Nice design

This poster represents an interaction between two systems of color. Each pattern of color possesses its own unity. Overlapping creates an even richer experience of unity and also a sense of depth through the use of transparency or transition.

There's a multiple amount values in each box that it creates a value pattern with the arrangement of the dark and light. There's a strong value contrast with what's inside the boxes and the flat light background.

Image Based Design- CNBC Prime Logo and On-Air Package by NYC-based Gretel: clean, brutal & somewhat hipster-ish monospaced typography that looks appropriate

Geometric Designs, Double Exposure, Block Patterns, Geometry Pattern

Great little simple graphic but very effective.

GRAPHIC DESIGN – POSTER – simple typeface uses shades of gray and black background. high contrast is what makes this poster work.

Portfolio - silhouette but with words like DESIGN, Concept, working drawings, elevations etc

Showing thoughts of one man using only different typography is hilarious. Major thoughts are written with bigger and thicker fonts and vice versa.