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  • Janelle Gelston

    Base Ten on a Hundreds Chart - Place Value - using hundreds chart to help students understand tens and ones

  • Colleen Simpson

    Tens and Ones on 100 chart

  • Nora Olmos

    Tens and Ones on a Hundreds Chart and other math ideas - Mrs. T's First Grade Class

  • Hannah Roy

    show Base Ten on a Hundreds Chart!! love finding new ways to incorporate that 100s chart.

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Here's a game called Place Value Top It which is played much like war. Includes base-10 cards and directions. *FREE*

Place Value Puzzles - tens and ones. Do this for a few number and students would have to walk around asking their peers questions about which cards they have until the puzzle is complete.

tens and ones bingo...could add hundred square to up difficulty. Or do coins for a money activity. Lauren Davison mason Ashley Walters marciniak

Learn Numbers -- Tens and Ones place value House

Q-tip painting on tens frame to show tens and ones to make a number. Could also use it to review odd & even.

Players: 2Directions to make game:1.Make 2 copies of the place value cards.2.Cut out, glue to cardstock, laminate.Directions to play:1....

This is a pre/post assessment I made based on the Indiana first grade standards and my school's math curriculum. It focuses on knowing and understa...

Place Value Tens and Ones to 50 Packet - Place Value worksheets that are great for place value centers or stations

Place Value Student will write the numeral by counting the hundreds, tens, and ones cubes on the place value chart. Also posters are included ...

Mrs. T's First Grade Class: Base Ten on a Hundreds Chart. Great visual for place value and for adding/subtracting tens and ones

Place value: tens and ones place. Example with ten blocks and ones. I was also going to include 34 ones to show another way to write it. First grade