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  • Jana Leeney

    music to my heart

  • Amanda Norman

    This is a silhouette lighting because the light is coming from behind the main focus, which emphasizes the outline of the musician.

  • Gracie White

    ((Open)) I pulled out the violin music I wrote. I took out my old violin and warmed up. I started to play the music piece.

  • Annie Kheffache

    ♫♪ Music ♪♫ musician violinist play violin at the silhouette. Think window silhouette in the morning!

  • David

    Music Theme - Violin

  • Anchored Rooted Grounded Strengthened

    Playing To the Light ~ Photo by...? Amazing Amazing

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~ Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent. (Victor Hugo)

Lena Sotskova: Inspiration 4 Lena Sotskova is a representative of Russian classical art. She creates paintings of contemporary themes and subjects using old masters techniques and methods, achieving their balance and completeness.

The light...not exactly something i can tell my future house's realtor that I want in my future house.

Unchained Melody No I can't play the violin or for that matter anything...............but I sure can dance!

The beauty of the sweet music of the Soul is the song of Love for the Beloved ... ♥♥

Giveaway that this model does not really play: A violinist would hold the violin in the left hand, bow in the right. This picture looks awkward. She doesn't really play.

Violin playing.....look at that it!!!

They hear the orchestra tuning up a. It is time to go in and find their seats. Ursula and Chrystal have been discussing Missy and Max. It seems to be getting serious.

"music gives us that feeling of emotion that we cannot put into allows us to express ourselves in such a pure way, that we don't even know how to describe it"