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Universiteit van Amsterdam / The Netherlands The Computer Museum was established in 1991. The emphasis of its collection is on technical and scientific electronic computing equipment, illustrating the progress in computer technology and its use from World War II to the present day.

Using a plastic ring on a mouse can help those with motor difficulties use a computer mouse. These can be store bought or as a DIY project using a regular computer mouse, hot glue and a plastic or metal inexpensive ring. The computer mouse can be taken and used on any computer with a USB or computer mouse plug.

Homemade assistive technology - brilliant way to help children or adults who have difficulty maintaining a finger position on the mouse.

Digitizing Your Family History: Preserve Your Family's Precious Heirlooms! Your interest may be in the past, but permanently preserving your family's history relies on today's technology. If you have limited knowledge of computer equipment or feel uncomfortable using it, Digitizing Your Family History will teach you easy methods for choosing and using scanners, copiers, digital cameras, and software to keep and share your work with others.

Some of us still yearn for the low-tech good old days. Like I did a couple days ago when some massive sort of malware infected computers everywhere and it took me two hours to accomplish a two minute task. I think the nabobs of modern technology have taken a page out of Gyro's playbook. He and the Chancellor both have a passion to rush new devices into use before they're fully tested. Gyro is constantly upgrading his inventions until they're improved beyond the point of usefulness.

How to install free fun fonts on your computer-- nice tutorial (also including what to watch out for to avoid viruses).

VAX 11/780 Computer – CPU Foi num desses que foi desenvolvido o código para acessar a internet que você está usando para ver essa foto ...

Smart-home upgrades that you can install yourself