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Amour by Gianfranco Meloni

Stephan Vanfleteren Portret 1989 - 2009

Stephan Vanfleteren



Old Moghul woman-Yunnan, China

Marie Kelleher. Ninety-nine years old and fit, and setting national (U.S.) records in swimming. With these swims she becomes the first female USMS [United States Masters Swimming] member to compete in the 100-104 age group. (USMS rules counts the swimmers age as of December 31 for competitions held in 25-meter courses.)

How cool are they...

elderly papua woman


Here for your enjoyment is an inspiring photograph of Yakotlus. It was made in 1914 by Edward S. Curtis. The photo illustrates Yakotlus, Kwakiutl man, head-and-shoulders portrait, seated, facing right.

You are looking at an educational picture of an old Arapaho. It was taken in 1910 by Edward S. Curtis. The picture presents Arapaho person, head-and-shoulders portrait, looking downward to the right.

Over a hundred years old, Ni Nyoman Jabreg was born in Peliatan, in a family of artists. She was a performing dancer in a group, working as a professional since she was fourteen years old. She was married but never had children of her own. Although very thin, Ni Nyoman is very energetic and has a strong voice and an open smile. Ni Nyoman has always been a very happy and sweet person, never getting angry with anyone.

She has had a difficult life but it did not interfere with her good humour. She only regrets her legs are no longer strong enough for her to be free to walk by herself. She is forced to stay inside the house.

Francis is approximately 80 years old. She was born in Songan and lives in Batur. Francis had an arranged marriage at seventeen and has a big family. Fully energetic as if she were 40, Francis still climbs the mountains near Batur to cut grass for the cows, grows vegetables, collects wood for the fire and looks after her chicken. She used to be a farmer also danced in the temple. She also sang and now sings while she works in the fields.

This next lady is seventy five years old. Ni Ketut Lacur was born in Kedewatan. She was raised by her relatives, since her parents had died when she was born. Ni Ketut worked as a cook her whole life. She is married and had four children. She is a very serious person…with a shy and cute smile.

Mider is over a hundred years old and lives near Batur. She used to be a farmer and has worked until her ninety five years of age. She had six children and her husband died twenty years ago. Her look is strong although her body is very old. Her memory is almost gone but she shows to be very happy in her family’s company.

Balinese high brahmin


beautiful woman selling flowers in pura beji temple in sangsit - bali, indonesia

When we visited a tempel in North Bali we met this man. He was really cute and very nice!

Balinese lady

Indonesian elder.