Song for money

A whole section of money freebies!

money song

Penny, Nickel, Dime, Quarter

money poem free printable

Learn with Play at Home: Clever classroom trick for kids learning to write in the lines. --> super cute. love this!!

Good-bye! See you later, alligator! After while, crocodile! In an hour, sunflower! Maybe two, kangaroo! Gotta go, buffalo! Adios, hippos! Chow, chow brown cow! See you soon, baboon! Adieu, cockatoo! Better swish, jellyfish! Chop, chop, lollipop! Gotta run, skeleton! Bye-bye, butterfly! Better shake, rattle snake! Our school day now ends. So, good-bye to good friends!

FREE and cute money posters

multiplication tricks

Subtraction Poem

Use old game pieces to make money stamps to use in the math center.

I forgot to save this years list for summer practice! Teachers Notebook: Kindergarten site words

Love the idea of using a hundred chart to count money!

Free download. Little booklet for each coin.

Factor and Multiple Flap Books - use to review factors and multiples. Place in math notebook if desired. $ Blog entry also lists online sites for exploring factors & multiples.


shape activity - could be used with a goss motor mixing activity (mix and trade shapes with music...sing song at intervals with different shapes)

Four Activities for Coin Counting Practice - All you need is paper, pencil, and coins

Vowel Poems