Song for money

A whole section of money freebies!

money song

Learn with Play at Home: Clever classroom trick for kids learning to write in the lines. --> super cute. love this!!

Free Money Booklets

LOVE this cute rhyming book about the coins!

money poem free printable

multiplication tricks

Subtraction Poem

Stories to help kids understand sounds

Good-bye! See you later, alligator! After while, crocodile! In an hour, sunflower! Maybe two, kangaroo! Gotta go, buffalo! Adios, hippos! Chow, chow brown cow! See you soon, baboon! Adieu, cockatoo! Better swish, jellyfish! Chop, chop, lollipop! Gotta run, skeleton! Bye-bye, butterfly! Better shake, rattle snake! Our school day now ends. So, good-bye to good friends!

FREE and cute money posters

Free Printables. Learn how to spell the colors with these jazzy little jingles (from the Color Songs CD by Frog Street Press). My son's PreK teacher uses these! They work! Kids learn how to spell their color words very easily when they learn it in a song.

how much is a word worth? such a cool way to integrate early literacy and math/money!

Miss Kindergarten: Shape Poems

Free 21-page document that is a compilation of various thematic poems for your entire school year! Make copies for your students or copy onto chart p...

Teach kids about money in kindergarten with this free math printable! Love that the book comes in 3 different versions.

Help students learn the basics of money by matching and identifying coins....

These 3 money activities reinforce skills that accompany the money unit from Smart Board that I have uploaded. These activities follow the first g...

Could make these into individual posters (with SECOND grade strategies) and hang them up on the math bulletin board as we learn them...for reminders :) @K D Eustaquio Christine

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