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    White rhinoceroses are silhouetted by the setting sun in Tanzania's Tshukudu Private Game Reserve.


    black bear

    Jagurandi are native to Texas also

    “As pointless as taking off the pants in order to fart,” is how one expert has branded panda conservation efforts. Despite the serious amount of cash, time and energy injected into saving the bamboo-munchers from their march towards extinction, frustratingly nothing seems to work. Not even panda porn can help them go forth and multiply.

    A porcupine family stands up to a hungry leopard in South Luangwa National Park.

    Gray Wolf

    Biologists have long been curious to know whether giraffes produce any substantial sounds. Audio recordings from three giraffe houses in European zoos suggest they do

    Gondwana Game Reserve's free roaming elephants drop by to Kwena Lodge Restaurant to say hi!

    Here's a much sought-after peek into a different world thanks to camera traps, and advice on how to capture the best footage.

    Monthly Report August 2015 |

    Many would-be agents for conservation have reached out to AWF, asking for advice on how they can contribute to the fight for wildlife.​ Rest assured, we've heard you, and we badly want you to join this fight too. Here are five simple ways you can get started today.

    Alpine Ibexes scale the dam wall in Gran Paradiso National Park in Northern Italy. They lick the wall for essential minerals and salts | #lifeadvancer |

    Thousands of people gathered in a town outside the Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda to name 24 young gorillas in a naming ceremony.

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    Drones used to track Australian species a world first - Australian Geographic

    BBC - Earth - Living in harmony with hedgehogs

    Giant Panda

    Aye-aye, Daubentonia madagascariensis

    British photographer Peter Adams captures wildlife shots above the Okavango Delta

    Cambridge University scientists say that, contrary to popular opinion, the distinctive str...