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Swallow, Woodpecker, and Blue Jay Spirit Guide Meanings

Animal Spirit Guides Meanings: Swallow, Woodpecker, and Blue Jay

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Animal Spirit Guides Meanings: Butterfly Spirit Guide

Is your animal spirit guide the beautiful, transforming butterfly? What message is the butterfly spirit guide bringing to you? Let's learn some lessons about the butterfly spirit guide and why he's hear to help.

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Animal Spirit Guide Meaning & Interpretation: The Raven

Animal Spirit Guides: The Raven

Blue Jay; The jay is fearless when it comes to protecting its partner, young and territory. So too are those with this animal as their totem. They will defend their positions against adversaries who seem much more powerful than themselves – often with successful results. Blue jay animal symbolism resonates truth, faithfulness, and solidarity.

The horse spirit animal symbolizes personal drive, passion and appetite for freedom. Among all the spirit animals, it is one that shows a strong motivation that carries one through life. The meaning of the horse varies depending on whether this animal spirit guide is represented as wild, tamed, moving freely or constrained. Horses generally represent: A driving force, what you thrive for or carries you in life.

ANIMAL SPIRIT GUIDES> fantastic website explaining what lessons we can learn from our guides>those animals that seem to speak to us, or keep appearing for some reason..