A really fun party buffet set up. Pie anyone?

Fun food ideas for weddings!

Buffet Set-Up

fun way to set up the dessert table! {Photo credit: Distinct Occasions WEDDINGS}

sweet as pie dessert buffet | Set Free Photography #wedding

dessert table at fun country wedding

Buffet set up

beautiful table setting

A great way to set up plates for a small buffet.

holiday buffet set up

love the multi-leveled set up!

buffet ideas. For inspiration only, but not at all hard to set up!

How to properly set a buffet table.

dessert set-up...will mama Propst let me do this with her pie safe? Hmmm..... ~Kristen

Thanksgiving Buffet Buffet set up, uummm?

Mixed offering Sweets Table - order by peice from your caterer or bakery and give items fun names on labels that tie in your theme. Keep costs down & add fun by using the same template as your place cards!

Fun table setting (including wanted posters as place setting cards) for cowboy, cowgirl, Wild West, and other birthday themes

This ould be beautiful for a winter party or wedding shower in the winter. Look at the way your buffet is set up using simple items and keeping it fairly simple. Beautiful. - Pam

Graduation BBQ Ideas - would be fun to have at the front of table so guests know what's coming....

Pie buffet! I think this needs to be at my wedding