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Beef Stroganoff

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Keto Monteray Chicken - HFLC, low carb, paleo (with cheese)

keto chicken cesar salad! | Chicken Cesar Salad. I have found this to be a great meal to eat out in a restaurant. The lettuce really bulks up the meal so it takes longer to eat and all of the fat is included in the dressing, so there is no need to bring cream or oil to serve on the side. Not to mention that almost every restaurant will have this on the menu! Use any other type of lettuce that you like. You can sub cucumbers or celery for the lettuce and use the dressing as a dip!

Low Carb Diet Recipes - Keto chicken cesar salad! #ketogenicdiet #keto #lchf #lowcarbs

Easy Mini Keto Pizza. 3/4th Cup of Shredded Cheese. (Calories are based on Whole Milk Mozzarella) - 1/2 oz of Pepperoni (About 7 slices) - 2oz of Grilled Chicken Breast (Pre-Cooked on Foreman Grill) - 1 small can of sliced black olives. - Small glass oven-safe bowl.. easy to clean and just the right size. - Heat oven to about is done when cheese melts/starts bubbling. Mozzarella takes longer to melt..15-20 minutes or so.

Kate's Keto Cookbook: Low Carb Cauliflower Brownie. I want chocolate so badly I'm willing to try anything

Keto nachos! Pork rinds and the fixens. Pork Rinds softened with butter before le fixens. Enjoy! - Imgur

Low Carb Diet Recipes - Broiled Parmesan Tilapia (Low-Carb) Recipe #ketogenicdiet #keto #lowcarbs #lchf

Cheesy Scones (Biscuits)...THIS IS THE SANE LADY. JONATHAN BAILOR'S PARTNER OF "The Smarter Science of Slim"

{Yummy Grilled Zucchini} I am so trying this Pioneer Woman recipe.

Indochine Kitchen » Chicken Curry yummy yummy sounding malaysianish curry