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Showing a Return on Social #7sessions

How to Track the ROI (Return on Investment) of Your Social Media Campaigns-Kissmetrics is getting in on the social media buzz

Infographic showing four steps on how to begin engaging users on social media.

Monetizing Social Media

marketing a library on social media - Google Search How to Market an event on Social Media

This is how my brain works, thanks to @Spredfast for the visual! Social Media Integration #7sessions

Getting the Most out of Your Great Content in Social Media #7sessions

Social Media Analytics: Hows Your Social Media Strategy Going? photo


Social Media ROI

5 Essential #Social #Media ROI Infographics - 3. The ROI of Social Media: Is Social Media Marketing Effective? http://socialmarketingwriting.com/5-essential-social-media-roi-infographics/

Measure Your Social Media Strategy with this Great Guide [Infographic] Lots of good information to help you see if your social media campaign is effective. #socialmedia #analytics #social-media

The business of social media.

Here is your Social Media marketing compass.


Adopting Social Media Company-Wide #7sessions

Operationalizing Social Media with Workflows and Processes #7sessions

Effective communication is a key element in a successful social media campaign. This infographic gives some great tips and tricks for writing for each type of social media.

How Education Uses Social Media: a nice breakdown of the actual usage of social media in schools, their benefits and challenges.

Which Social Platform to use when

Delivering Better Customer Experiences in Social Media #7sessions