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Make a biogas digester: Biogas is a mixture of gasses that are produced as anaerobic bacteria break down organic matter. It is flammable, capable of producing a clean flame for cooking and heating, and it can be derived from as simple a feedstock as your kitchen rinse water. A biogas digester is a container holding water and bacteria, which can be ‘fed’ organic matter to be broken down, and which collects the resultant biogas, to be tapped off either to a collector for storage, or directly…

Production of next generation biofuel in Rotterdam. This is the largest second generation biodiesel plant in the world.

Algaculture can be a route to making vegetable oils, biodiesel, bioethanol and other biofuels.

Camelina sativa - energy crop for the production of vegetable oil, e.g. for the production of biodiesel. #bioenergy #biofuels #agriculture