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  • Laura Sanborn

    Beach Quote Art Print - Inspirational Aqua Tan Beach House Home Decor Wall Art Photograph 8x10 Photo The Voice Of The Sea Speaks To The.

  • Lauren Blackwell

    The Voice of the Sea... I love the ocean

  • D.G.

    so true summer is so healing for me... days at the beach. Nothing is better then feeling so tired your chest hurts to breath and you can still feel the woosh of the waves when you lie on your pillow.

  • Sylvia

    Yes it does... the voice of the sea speaks to my soul. What is it about the water, the colors and the waves that stirs me so?

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This tropical beach picture places the view on the sand with the surf rolling in gently. A lone starfish lies on the beach awaiting a beachcomber to discover it. Neither the photographer nor the location of this beach is identified. But I want to be there NOW!~!!!

A woman's intuition is the only tool we have that is always yet men 'poo-poo' it and think its not real just because they dont have it and dont believe it - they call us crazy yep its all we got - use it ladies - believe it - its our best defense - it will never lie to you if you are already of sound mind and clear headed! Yep

I would like to achieve a state of inner spiritual grace from which I could function and give as I was meant to in the eyes of God. -Gift from the Sea

It gives you a chance to let go, and let everything out. You feel so much better afterwards. Don't be afraid to cry

This reminds me of 'the Magician's Nephew' C S Lewis, when Aslan is singing the whole of creation into being.

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