The beautiful canals of Venice, Italy.

Snowy Venice, Italy

streets of Verona, Italy

Venice, Italy

Olympic National Forest, Washington! I have seen this in Georgia! Well something a lot like it the bridge is at the top of the water fall like where it goes down! It's like a 3 mile hike

Mysterious Venice and Bridge of Sighs

Venice, Italy.

Venice, Italy

Venice Italy.

Italian Wine Regions Map: Want to visit an Italian winery someday, this is a map of wines grown in Italy.

Amalfi Coast | John Galbo



The Canals of Venice, Italy. I've always wanted to go to Venice.

Ahhh, Venice, Italy. A place I shall go to.

Venice, Italy...

Decorative gondolas on the canals of Venice in this Italian travel poster, c. 1920. Roma, Novissima.