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    Dragon's Breath Flight Line. Take off from 500 feet above the beaches of Labadee and test the tradewinds on the zip-line.

    Dragon's Breath Rock. When the ocean hits the rocks of this point in Labadee, you'll hear what sounds like a dragon breathing fire.

    Picture perfect tip: Stand at the bow of the ship while docking in port Labadee for the most amazing view.

    Love from Labadee. Hand-crafted souvenirs are a great way to take home a little piece of Haiti.

    Take a water taxi from Labadee to Le Village at Paradise Cove and discover "a day in the life" of typical Haitian villagers and their families.

    Labadee, Haiti. Sip on fresh coconut water, straight from the tree! Once the top is cut off, you can just stick a straw in it and enjoy.

    Curious to explore Haiti's unique culture and incredible landscapes? Explore Labadee and its coastline on a guided tour.

    Wake up on the northern coast of Haiti. Adventure, exploration and relaxation are just the beginning of what Labadee has to offer.

    Head to Columbus Cove in Labadee for a day filled with water toys. This beach features the Arawak Aqua Park and Dragon's Splash Waterslide.

    Did you know that you can only get to Labadee with Royal Caribbean? This island paradise is exclusive to RCI, which means less crowds and more relaxation.

    Discover the native charm and natural beauty of Labadee on a historic walking tour around the island. A Haitian historian will share with you the unique facts and history of this intriguing island.

    Cruise to Labadee, Haiti and discover your very own private paradise amid spectacular mountains and lush foliage. From an inviting beach to coral reefs and exciting amenities, this is the perfect place to relax and have fun.

    Drift along the white sandy shores of Labadee and soak up the sun. Relax as the tranquil waves of the Caribbean lap against the sides of your floating mat.

    Take a boat ride to Belly Beach and enjoy clear waters and breathtaking views of Labadee.

    Welcome to Labadee. Pristine beaches, breathtaking scenery, and thrilling water activities await you.

    Climb the only icebergs in the Caribbean at Arawak Aqua Park. Enjoy bouncing on the giant floating trampolines, going down the water slides and riding on the rolling log in Labadee.

    Hear the hiss of the dragon in Labadee. The unique sound is created by the waves that hit the rocks of Dragon's Breath Plaza.

    Escape and unwind on a quiet getaway to the private beach at Malfini. Enjoy a day of pure relaxation as you explore a secret paradise among Labadee's many wonders.

    Explore the coast of Labadee. A sightseeing boat tour will show you the best Haitian sites of the area, including Amiga Island.

    Soar down the world's longest zip line over water. The Dragon's Breath Flight Line in Labadee provides breathtaking views as you zip down 2,600 feet of flight line.

    Enjoy the beauty of Labadee as you slowly rise up from the beach on Santa Maria’s lookout mountain. The Dragon's Breath roller coaster then sends you on a thrilling ride that reaches 30 miles per hour.

    Head out for a snorkel and meet some locals. This fisherman's sailboat was anchored just off the coast of Labadee.

    Relax with a view. Enjoy some shade in Labadee and unwind in one of the island's hammocks.

    Find your happy place. The private island of Labadee is the perfect place to claim some beach for yourself.

    Looking for the next level of seclusion? Book a cabana on Royal Caribbean's private island of Labadee for the ultimate lazy day hideaway.