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  • Kirsten Joanna

    Atlantic Highway, Norway World's BEST road trip!!! C:

  • Yoori Koo

    Atlantic Road, Norway. This definitely goes on the bucket list of places to go should I ever be courageous enough to travel for a full year!

  • Royal Caribbean International

    A road trip you won't forget. Drive the Atlantic Ocean Road. #norway

  • Madeline Burch

    Atlantic Road, Norway. Now this would be an amazing road trip!!

  • Shalena Hunnicutt

    There are dozens, if not hundreds of magnificently beautiful places in the world to visit, that are all indescribably breathtaking in their own right.And when you're going on vacation to one of these places, you're not painfully concerned with how exactly you get there, so long as it gets you there fast. But what if I told you to forget about flying? What if I told you that there are roads out there that are just as remarkably beautiful as their destinations

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Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway. I could have some fun on that road.

This looks like it'd be a cool place for a vacation!

Atlantic Ocean Rd, Norway

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Atlantic Ocean Rd, Norway. - This looks like a beautiful drive.

One of the most spectacular stretches of road in the world- Atlantic Road, Norway. Amazing!

The Atlantic Ocean Road runs through an archipelago in Eide and Averøy in Møre og Romsdal, Norway

Bondhusbreen, Norway - the steepest sidearm of the main Folgefonna glacier on the eponymous peninsula and in the eponymous National Park.

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