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Yankee Franks: pretzel-wrapped smoked sausages with cheddar cheese sauce. Your favorite comfort foods will be available at American Icon Grill on Quantum of the Seas. #thischangeseverything

Seaplex Dog House | Take a trip around the wonderful world of hot dogs and sausages at SeaPlex Dog House, and try options such as The Sicilian, The Coney Island, and The Wunderdog.

The ultimate comfort food: thick-cut potato chips with pan-fried onion dip pairs perfectly with Michael’s Genuine Home Brew. Coming this November to Michael's Genuine Pub onboard Quantum. #MGPUB #thischangeseverything #quantumoftheseas #michaelschwartz

The famous planks at Jamie's Italian. Served with your favorite cured meats, Italian cheeses, and pickled vegetables. #quantumoftheseas #jamieoliver

Goat Cheese Salad | Contemporary elegance adds a twist to the traditional steakhouse with a deliciously revamped menu from Chops Grille.

A taste of the Mediterranean. The Greek farro salad at Michael's Genuine Pub is made from the freshest ingredients available. #MGPUB #quantumoftheseas #thischangeseverything #michaelschwartz

Mac 'n Cheese | Experience an explosion of flavor when you sample the Mac 'n Cheese bar in the Royal Caribbean main dining hall, available all week long for your convenience.

Seaweed Wakame Salad. Enoy a light appetizer of seasoned wakame seaweed with sesame oil and white sesame seeds at Izumi before digging into a signature sushi roll.

Melanzane alla Parmigiana | This succulently fried eggplant dish comes on a bed of rich San Marzano sauce, and is topped elegantly with fresh tomato and mozzarella cheese.