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  • Miami FL

    What we all want in life, to travel, fall in love and be happy. #travel #quotes

  • Heike von Hörsten

    Enjoy Loving Quotes #Quote #Happy #life

  • Shelby Jo

    travel, fall in love, be happy / words to live by / inspiration quote

  • Claire Naughton

    What we all want in life, happy, life, quotes, life quotes, sunset, sun, ocean, beach, water

  • Semia M

    travel, be in love, be happy. #quote #life #love #travel

  • Kristen Gates

    True story. What we all want in life: to travel, fall in love, and be happy

  • Shelby Samford

    Literally my life's motto: What we all want in life, to travel, fall in love and be happy.

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As you think, you travel, and as you love, you attract.

It really does take a strong confident person to be kind! Be that person today #Kind

I totally agree with this quote ( - image uploaded by @Intrepid_Travel (Intrepid_Travel))

Tact: means careful use of words when pointing something negative out about something or someone

There's never enough time. But time is so relative, therefore we must make the most of it. Because when it's time to say goodbye, our life begins once again and then, time is infinite. But it's the time we spend with certain people and things on this planet that make time seem short and never enough.

"Don't Wait for Perfection" by carmelscribe, via Flickr. Jump in and do! Just by making a start you're already miles ahead of those still too afraid of making a mistake to begin the race.

philosophy in my blogging, teaching, sharing, training. :) #tenfold

I am now writing a novel about a lighthouse and the three generations of women who grew up there. This is their motto.

🌻 I will never loose sight of where my life is capable of going. Loving every minute