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Blue Button polyp... Chondrophore family.... aka "Blue jellyfish", although NOT a jellyfish

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Photo Gallery — Ocean Soul

Giant Clams, Kingman Reef Photograph by Brian Skerry, National Geographic Giant clams, Kingman Reef, 2007 Swimming through the waters of Kingman Reef is a feast for the eyes: Gardens of giant clams clutter the bottom, their neon-colored mantles glowing vibrantly, and are juxtaposed with brightly hued mushroom corals ranging in size from silver dollar to dinner plate. (From the National Geographic book Ocean Soul by Brian Skerry)

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Pic o’ the week – giant Coral Sea clam


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Maxima Clams - Tridacna maxima - giant clams - usually don't grow larger than 20 cm so it is known as the small giant clam. To live, this bivalve has to sunbath! Symbiotic plants in its skin produce nutrients for their host and without these symbiots, the clam would die.

Blue Ring Octopus: This golf ball size Octopus can inject a deadly neurotoxin and stop your heart in minutes. There is not know antidote and survival requires constant heart compression and assisted breathing until the toxin is out of the body...about 24 hours. Super pretty though.