Nanda Blue Hole, Luganville, Vanuatu.

Stunning look at Dean's Blue Hole in the Bahamas, which is the world's deepest sea-hole at 663-feet.

Fresh Water Blue Hole, Vanuatu

Go swimming in the most unique and enchanting swimming holes.

Largest Swimming Pool in the World. Algarrobo, Chile. It covers 20 acres!!

granite hot springs in jackson hole wyoming.. i never got a chance to go here while I was there, kinda wish i had gone now

Swim resort in Bali...yes please.

Natural Swimming Pool, To-Sua Trench, Samoa photo via woodstock Repinned by Pinterest Pin Queen ♚

14 natural swimming pools

Giola, the natural swimming pool in Thassos island, Greece

Buck Lake.... At 75 degrees and crystal clear water it may be the best swimming hole in Oregon

Hayman Island Resort Pool Bar, Australia Located off the Great Barrier Reef & the size of 7 Olympic-size pools, it's 1 of the largest in the S. Hemisphere. A saltwater main pool surrounds the central, heated freshwater pool & Bar. The pool's so immense that the resort constructed four interconnecting boardwalk bridges (the longest being 165 over the pool water’s surface.

10 natural swimming pools

It's getting sooooo hot outside and these Texas watering holes are calling my name. #texasforever #kammok #theroolife

Espiritu Santo's Blue Hole a crystal clear sparkling cerulean blue swimming hole at the end of a beautiful river journey, as well as Turtle Island where green turtles frequently breed and nest.

Vanuatu’s famous ‘blue holes’, Mavutor River, Espirito Santo Island

Peekamoose Blue Hole Catskills, New York USA

Mexico cave

Khao Lak Resort Hotel in Thailand