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  • Rebecca Newlon

    Open faced upright piano

  • Briana Leeann

    piano senior pic

  • Abigale Miller

    old pianos always sound more rustic and beautiful than the new ones.

  • Adventus

    #pianolearningsoftware Music Photography

  • Abigail Crneckiy

    This will be one of my senior pictures!!

  • Lauren Shoop

    i love the piano. A beautiful sound played with graceful fingertips. you can paint a soft, sweet lullaby with your fingers brushing the keys or you can strike powerful, angry chords that make you want to scream.

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Music therapy is used to help improve or maintain some clients health by using music experiences. Therapists use this to improve motor, social, and behavior skills, emotional and affective development, and cognitive functioning. This is one type of therapy that I will research throughout my project.

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a lot of people don't know this but I've been playing the piano since i was 7 :)... rusty but i know how to read and play

Melodías. Piano, piano, piano ♥ by Sol Z.B., via Flickr www.gettyimages.e...

my mom tried to teach me to play the piano. We learned that she could not be my teacher after just a few short lessons. :)

Like to have pianolessons. Dream of playing the piano fairly well. I practiced piano about 35 years ago.

Me playing the piano for you and you sitting on my lap. (Anytime, and I mean anytime you want me to play for you, I will)

I think this is a very cool picture. It makes me want to sit down at the piano.

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for piano room! Also, this would be better with sheet music in the background instead of newspaper print.

Playing the piano has always been an interest of mine. Many things take time away from getting to practice and every time I come back to it seems like I have to re-learn the simple things. I still have fun with it and love the moments when the keys fall just right and I lose myself in the music. Always get shy for some reason when other people watch me though.

Oh my. The memories this brings to me. the untold hours sitting at the piano picking out hymns from a book just like this.