love this tat

My new tattoo :)

infinity. I love this. my wife wants this as a tattoo

infinity love

love foot tattoos

flower tattoo

Hace poco vi algo similar... no es que le tenga miedo a las agujas... pero si ha de ser bastante molesto el proceso...

Infinity tattoo-I love the one with the 3 hearts!!!!

Flower tattoo on a women's hip.

Heart tattoo - Tattoos and Tattoo Designs

white tattoo. I have been wanting a foot tattoo and I love this idea of white in on the foot... Not all in your face

My husband and I just got our first tattoos together; an infinity symbol underneath our wedding bands. Done in Yigo,Guam. I think it’s pretty self explanatory. Love lasts an eternity.

Love this tattoo.....

Best Friends Tattoo


Faith Tattoo

bird tattoo wrist Flock of Black Birds Tattoo of Freedom



Infinite Strength!

New tattoo :)