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5 crazy ways Social Media is changing your brain

5 crazy ways Social Media is changing your brain right now. Your brain may never be the same! Watch the video... Youtube
  • Katie Blue

    Giant trees covered in SnoWoooooW : Astrophotographer Niccolò Bonfadini took this stunning picture in the Finnish Lapland in the winter of 2011. With the sun rising behind him, the Belt of Venus is the pinkish streak caused by the atmosphere reflecting light from the setting or rising sun, giving the reddish hue.~ photo credit :© Niccolò Bonfadini

  • Gabriela Iosub

    Lapland, Finland | Amazing Real Places That Look Unreal

  • Liz Rachel

    ‘Sleeping’ trees stand guard over the Arctic Photographer Niccolo Bonfadini captures the essence of a sub-zero winter in Finnish Lapland with this stunning photo of trees covered in thick layers of ice and snow.

  • Jane Escoffier

    Who guards the north? Judging from the above photograph, possibly giant trees covered in snow and ice. The picture was taken last winter in Finnish Lapland where weather can include sub-freezing temperatures and driving snow. Surreal landscapes sometimes result, where common trees become cloaked in white and so appear, to some, as watchful aliens

  • Lūfħer DeeCyfħer

    Alien world? Not quite, astrophotographer Niccolò Bonfadini captured this beautiful and surreal photo of snow covered trees in the Finnish Lapland, in the winter of 2011. The pinkish streak in the background, caused by the atmosphere reflecting light from the rising sun, is known as the Belt of Venus.

  • Esperança Moraes

    LaplandFinland idéias viagem

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Living in Canada all my life, this is a scene I have seen many times, only not so much this year, we have had a super mild winter.

ethereal Photo by Matt Claghorn...found here....

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mmmm... tilt shift lake photo.. awesome

Breathtaking. Snow simply places a calm on the earth, a peaceful calm as if God himself is telling us to be still and just take in the beauty, nature, HIS nature.

thelordismylightandmysalvation: chasingrainbowsforever: Winter Water Wonderland ♥